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I have dealt with this company for last several months and at the  beginning things were satisfactory and even during the first Covid period they  were really caring  customers by communicating with them about 2-3 times a day and inform the delays ,cancellations etc. Also quiet a good quality products were at that time available for purchasing. 
But the things have deteriorated DRASTICALLY DURING LAST FEW MONTHS  and low quality products are introduced, Items not delivered on time and when inquire customer care people they do not know the delivery status. Third party poor quality  courier services (LK-DEX is still BEST) are assigned ,sometimes items misplaced and Daraz had to give a refund. What the customer care people are doing is simply forwarding  a auto-generated e mail like puppets in a show without understanding the customer's problem.
I have an issue where I cannot view or go to my shopping cart even though I can log in and browse products. Issue  was properly communicated to Daraz ,several auto generated e mails were sent to me and supervisors promised solution-(This is a technical issue at their end) WITHING 24 HOURS  but now do not answer their mobiles even. As a result could not purchase anything under their 5 year anniversary advertising in a big way. TOTALLY DISSATISFIED.
Being as one of the Marketing Professional in Sri Lanka,  I requested whether I can talk to their expertise  Head of Marketing (I do not want to mention names) but it is banned. They seems to be  hiding  and what type of Marketing they are talking of. I think this is like  Cheating the customers.
Anyway, I want to share   my experience about Daraz and best is to avoid them unless you do not have any other place to buy and feel that a smart competitor will defeat them if Daraz is not keen to put shortcomings right. They can contact me if interested.


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