Malinda Wellalage

Malinda Wellalage

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Listing items not in stock. I purchased a samsung soundbar on 3rd of April 2021, and it took them close to 2 weeks to inform me that they cannot process the order due to unavailability of items.

This is a very unreliable e-commerce platform. My money (Rs 140000.00) was also blocked this whole time while I could have purchased something else from another vendor and now they are saying it takes upto 5-7 days for the refund process.

If the seller (Max Lanka) did not have items in stock, Daraz could've informed me sooner without blocking my money this whole time.

It was my first purchase from Daraz, and I will not use their garbage platform ever again, where they allow sellers to list items that are not in stock. Very unreliable and a disappointing service.

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