Not satisfied with the service

I am really disappointed with your service as you had been asking me to wait day by day for my printer exchange but nothing happened.
As I informed you repeatedly, I needed the printer urgently & I understand that it is my fault in the first hand, to order a wrong model.
But I had been dealing with several ecommerce companies in Sri Lanka & as an example, Daraz would credit back the full amount within a few days if the item is returned in good condition (no questions asked !!).
But in this case, I didn't even open the package & called you as soon as I received the item. I also requested for an item upgrade, instead of the refund & I was even ready to bring back the item to you & then receive the new item, after paying you the balance. But now it had been a week since I asked for this exchange. This wasn't my first order with as well but this was my first experience with an item exchange.
I purchased a new printer today since I do not value your words anymore. I checked with several vendors & they had the printer available & it was not unavailable for the past few days as you informed me. I never expected such service from a company once ranked as the No.1 Start-up in Sri Lanka.

Since I now know how your service is, I will never order from you again & encourage anyone who reads this, to find an alternative (there are plenty). 

Takas Order number 100130416 & attached is a picture of the item I wanted to return.

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