Who we are

reviewslk.com is a website to provide a platform for reviewing and rating companies/services in Sri Lanka. We provide a way of rating and reviewing companies and services for their customers. Once after getting a service from a company, customers can rate and review their experience with that company/service. So other people can get real customer opinions about a company before they wish to get any service.

Why we are here

As a result of the improving technology, usage of the Internet increase rapidly. And everybody visit websites and browse through the Internet to find opinions of other people. It has become a usual activity in every younger and older person. So these kind of people always looking for ratings and reviews of the products or services before they obtain it.

Current generation always use social media to express their experiences from the companies/services. But if someone needs to get an opinion about a company or service, then there is no such a known place to collect any detail, but you will need to ask from other people personally or through social media communities. Also won't be able compare companies with each other. So with these circumstances, people will not think to get opinions from other people before engaging with a company or service.

After realizing these circumstances in the local community we came up with this idea to overcome above problems by giving a very useful solution for the local community. We hope this website will be a huge opportunity to get the opinions of other people, about the services of local companies, other than social media.

What we wish

  • Provide a platform for rating/reviewing companies.
  • Share customer opinions with other people.
  • Provide a way of getting the customer feedback for companies to improve their services.
  • Motivate companies to give a better service for their customers.

We hope reviewslk.com will be a helpful website for the local community and the local companies to walk towards a better future.

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